Wacky Workshop Weekend

I had sooo much fun @ the Wacky Workshop Weekend hosted by de Creatie. I took almost all of Celine Navarro’s workshops (and boy do I wish I had taken them all) she’s very inspirational and creates with such ease ! I have a bunch more unfinished but cool projects, cropped with a wonderfull bunch of women (even got 3 of my DOM cards done, 2 lo’s and my DD is almost done too .. wow), met people I only know the names of and not the faces or recognized the faces but not the names and met some cool new scrappers (Astrid you should really always wear your sunglasses LOL, Linda Loe & Patricia Hamelink maybe we should wear nametags 😉 and Martijntje you really need to get a blog, it really is simple I promise (if I can do it anyone can !). Met up with Nicole, Daphne, Liek and Moniqe, Elwira, Bonnette, Flo, Birgit, Corinne (so great to have some time to chat & scrap together) and I missed the ones who couldn’t make it (Anita, Rev, Jo see you soon I hope !). Oh and Mandy and I had a wonderfull adventure @ our Bed & Breakfast address. Let’s just say the people were really nice, the place just looked & smelled funky, lot’s of okld and dead things around the house, and the only thing good were the friendly owners, the price, the breakfast and the clean bedlinnen ……Mandy thanks for sharing this adventure with me, it was fun !


  1. Anonymous

    Had SUCH fun too this whole wacky weekend experience!! I LOVE Celine’s style too, got so much inspiration by just watching her handle materials…WOW
    And of course i really enjoyed your cold feet :-))))

  2. Anonymous

    hahaha I hope you don’t mean you don’t want to see my eyes 😉 Maybe it is better to change my avatar…
    Your story about the bed and breakfast was really funny 🙂 I’m glad I was in my own bed. It was really nice to meet you in person, too bad I didn’t join the crop (still a bit ill and my DH was waiting for me so he could leave the house for a salsaparty 🙂
    The workshops were really cool huh?! So glad with all the unfinished projects 🙂 (well not all unfinished)
    Astrid o-o/ (<- sunglasses)

  3. Anonymous

    hahaha, it IS tempting to start one, but then again… it really would cost me hours and hours!!! I even think that it would cost less time to call every potential reader in person (hi, wanna hear my story of the day? LOL). but who knows in some time…
    hmmm… maybe that’s a good idea for the next WWW, technicworkshop “how to start your own blog” (then again… i migth be the only one in it!)
    it was really great meeting you!
    x martijntje

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