40 year old BABE

Yep my babe turned 40 today ! I surprised him yesterday with a bigger party than we normally have and he was surprised and happy.
He wanted some fun techno prezzies so I asked everyone to give money and the good news he will be able to buy the things he wanted like an usb casette player, a tripod and a lens with some day money left over from last year. So he’s happy and I’m happy he had such a great time. I had a lot of help from my mom on friday and saturday to pull it all off, you see we had party lights, lots of decorations, we made homemade food (yep I made my first quiche, pasta salad and potatosalad) that everyone enjoyed (and my stepdad helped out in that dept. too), a dj and lot’s of our friends. It was fun !


  1. Monkee Maker

    Hi D@nielle,

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, you made my day 🙂

    I hope your hubby had a fab birthday and isn’t too upset about the big 4-0. My husband hit 40 last year and took it like a man …. and it’s my turn later this year …. gulp ….

    I love the picture on your blog header – so cool!


  2. Monique Helfrich

    Alsnog van harte en super dat je je weer zo goed voelt dat je ook weer zin had in een leuk feest!!!
    Lekker hè dat de zon weer meer schijnt!? Je hebt van mij de Arte Y Pico ontvangen en op mijn blog kun je lezen waarom! 🙂

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