Have you seen the cool dutch dare this week ? I really wanted to join in but didn’t have enough time and as I was rushing to finish it I found my lo going in a different direction and it wasn’t about water so I gave up trying to get it done and am enjoying the process of making my project the way I like it. In fases… you see I’m happiest when I have several lo’s I’m working on and can just add one thing at a time and see a lo grow on me. How do you like to work ?

BTW I hope we have the transport sorted for sunday, if so you will be seeing me at the 3rd SIS crop this weekend ! I’m so looking forward to it, it was great fun last time and I know a lot of friends of mine are coming and happy to read somewhere that might finally be able to meet Katja who always reads my blog (yay). Are you going ??

I have a small request, just this week whilst going through bloglines I passed a post about fun things to make with buttons. A lampshade, magnets and so on. I wanted to check it out again and for the life of me I cannot remember which blog it was …….. Has anyone seen this post, and can you help me out with the blog ? I would really appreciate it !


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