A day in the life of Colin, a typical 6 year old ?

At school today the toilet was dirty but I really needed to do a nr. 2 (for the dutchies : dit betekent poepje), I was not pleased. So i decided to try this on a urinoir, which is kinda hard but I made it work. But they don’t have toilet paper by the urinoirs at our school to i had nothing to wipe. The lunch mommy wanted me to put on clean “loan” underwear from school but I didn’t want to so I went commando. Mommy and daddy where not pleased as now my pants were also yucky, they came to school early bcause we had a sponsor walk which they wanted to be there for and it’s a good thing they were early as they had to race back home as they forgot my sweats but this way they could bring some clean underwear, that was nice.

Michael brought home a friend to play on the trampoline, but I was having some problems playing nice so mommy made me come in. I was not pleased but mommy promised me a long bath and I like playing in the bath so a bubble bath it was. When Michael’s friend went home he joined me cause he likes to play in the bath too. We were having a ball, then mommy made us come out for dinner. She sent Michael back as he hadn’t dried himself off properly, but after dinner (yummy bacon and egg sandwiches) his hair still looked wet and she went out exploring. And well she wasn’t amused, you see I washed Michael’s hair with natusan baby oil gel (which as mommy describes it as a thick hairgel like texture but is oily just like normal oil. I washed Michael’s hair with it, never mind me being able to read I just grabbed the first bottle that too my fancy. Mommy had to wash Michael’s hair like 5 times before she gave up, only to find that my hair was in the same condition from lying in the same bath for about 15 min…. My hair looked like this (see picture below) even after 6 washings and you should see our bathtub I almost slipped and fell when my hair was being re-washed. (* insert sigh from mommy as she tells you it took a week for michael’s hair to recover even a swimming pool trip didn’t help, my hair took a week and a half …).

While mommy was washing michael’s hair I was clearing the table, my turn and I wanted to help out while she was playing hairdresser. But ohoh I dropped all the eggshells on the floor, didn’t tell mommy but tried to clean it up but couldn’t do it fast enought so I hid the towels I used under the table (she found them when i was asleep in bed) and didn’t say a word. Mommy was not amused when she found herself walking the eggwhites through the kitchen for about 5 min. until she found out. She sent me to my room, to bed can you imagine how upset i was ?! pfff to bed because I had a little accident, there were no hugs to give away let me tell you ! But I made up with mommy once she explained she wasn’t upset about the spilling but the fact that I didn’t tell her well who knew that was the answer ?

Boy I was tired by then time for sweet dreams and for mommy to clean up even more mess and wait for daddy to fill him in on the fun.


  1. Astrid

    Hahaha sorry dat ik moet lachen, maar zou zomaar een verhaal uit ons leven kunnen zijn. Fijn he die jongens. Ik was net ook al bezig met kapot gevallen bord op te ruimen en een tuitbeker melk die langzaam aan het leeglopen was over de kinderstoel en de vloer. En dan niet te spreken van alle speelgoed die Tristan in een onbewaakd moment (ik aan de telfoon) over de grond uitgespreid had. zucht… Maar je kijgt er zoveel voor terug he 😉


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