New Year, New Word, New Resolution

This year my resolution will be to be more joyful, be more crafty, bloggy and more energetic !

But most of all more joy in everything, i think JOY should be my word for 2011

joy will be my word for
joy thinking about the past instead of tears, something I’ve been dwelling on too much in 2010…..
joy with the guys
joy with friends
joy in life
joy in the everyday
recording the joy
joy @ work

I sorta lost joy for a while, stressing too much about just about everything, one of the downsides in being a controlfreak, and I just didn’t have enough joy.

So joy is what I want back again, less stress and more joy ! bring it on 2011 …..


  1. Anonymous

    Ah, good choice! Joy is something we all could use a bit more, now can't we? Everything we experiance and do in our proffesional lives (and often in our personal too) seems to be so serious… in mine anyway! Many days go by without a single smile… or some good old fun! Dang, not good! I would like to 'achieve' more joyful moment this year too!

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