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Last year this beauty junkie decided to kick it up a notch with more natural beauty products. I started researching, learning and testing new products and today I will share about my current favorite nailpolish. I have been wearing nailpolish since I was 13 years old on hands and feet (even in the winter) and can apply it like a pro on both hands, yes even a french manicure!

Traditional nailpolish has so many chemical nasties in it, I just had to switch from my beloved brands Essie, Herome and my staple top coat Out the Door to a more natural brand. There are plenty of brands that are 5 – 9 or even 10 free I have tried 2 brands; SOPHi by Piggy Paint and Boho Green, my personal favorite is Boho Green.

My findings:
Both nailpolishes are only sold online or through a salon.

Sophi has lovely colors, is a bit thicker but takes more time to apply (you need to blowdry between layers), doesn’t last as long as I am used to (1 week). It has a special remover, but didn’t like the process, alternatively you can peel it off but your nails will not be very happy with that. Sophi is 6-free and the average price in the Netherlands 9.95

Boho Green takes longer to dry so be aware of that when applying all 4 layers and lasts me a week if I’m carefull but definitely longer than Sophi.
Can be removed with any old nailpolish remover, however to keep that chemical free I use Lemongrass Essential oil combined with a paper towel (so not a cotton pad or a tissue). Boho is ? free and the average price in the Netherlands is 6,95 and I’m in luck because my beautician orders me every color I would like to try.

This is my current collection (from left to right) :
Top Coat
Base Coat
Gypsy Finish
Rose Blanche
Rose Tendre
Red Rose

boho collectie mei 2018

and here are some applications (hover over the photo for the name of the nailpolish):

What nailpolish do you currently use? Is it safe? If you are considering getting a less toxic version, good for you there are plenty of options.

Oh and if you would like to use a nontoxic nailpolish remover, just use lemongrass essential oil and a papertowel. I use about 6 drops for all my nails ….

lemongrass nailpolish remover


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