random facts

danielle edinburg 2018

Did you know

~ bowling is my fave activity with friends and family. I secretly want to join a bowling club. Have my own team, shirt, shoes, ball and bag preferably in pink or turquoise. My family knows this and they will give in one day….

~ I love to buy out furniture second hand. It has character and if I’m over it i can resell it without feeling guilty.

~ my first ever concert was UB40 with my now bestie Angelique. Our friendship started after that we barely knew each other at the time but bonded instantly over music

~ I’m always late because I have no sense of time. Come to think of it same thing applies to space so the furniture reselling is a real thing at our house.

~ I don’t watch Dutch movies, rarely read Dutch novels or listen to Dutch music. I was really born here but mostly growing up abroad will do that.
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