I am not a certified health coach, I am not a certified AFT, EFT practicioner, I am not a homeopath, I am not a certified personal coach, I am not …

Yet I bring enough to the table

What I am is a mom of teenagers, a wife to an amazing guy, a daughter of a strong woman and a friend to whomever is in need. With what I have learned I educate those around me and those seeking my advice. I mentor those who wish to grow a business like I have, they may not come from a situation of financial stress, from unemployment and great debt to retiring a husband and supporting a family. By by sharing how I have left that behind me I show them anything is possible.

So no I may not have what society expects a natural health and wellness educator to have, but I teach my friends to educate themselves not just take my advice since I am not a medically trained professional and even if I was I’d still say the same…
Do your own research, take steps and make the changes that you need in you life.
For your body, mind, soul and maybe even your career, take control and if you need some help, I’m here for you!


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LA muur hartjes ik me.jpg

Disclaimer : to begin let me make it clear that I’m not against plastic surgery. If it will help you live a happier life go for it. Also not sharing this to offend, shame or upset anyone that has had plastic surgery. And a gentle reminder, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t ….

I’m sharing because when others shared their story so publicly it helped me connect the dots. A long list of my unexplained health issues can be linked to Breast Implant Illness (BII)

After visiting a naturopath he just knew how many of my unexplained symptoms were connected but not where it came from, however after discussing it with him and my doctor we all concurred there is only one thing causing them!
So this week I will consult with a surgeon about having my breast implants removed.

Now some may think this is crazy, there is no proof and that’s true however my body is in constant war mode yet there’s nothing to fight, I believe it is doing what it’s made for…. fighting foreign objects.
And I can tell the difference because this is the 2nd set of implants I have had….

You see by the time I was 18 my breasts had developed differently and I was given breast implants to make them look a bit more average. I had them for a long time, too long but they held up fine for 24 yrs. However a surgeon consulting on a ruptured implant (of someone close to me) said I had to remove them asap and to be honest I felt so rushed I didn’t consider my options nor get a second opinion and had them replaced. This was in Dec 2013, which feels like another lifetime ago, actually it was another lifestyle ago!

Now I know better, I want to do better and have them removed, permanently and hopefully some form of reconstruction. By no means an easy decision, after all I didn’t get them without reason…. it was never about bigger boobs it was always about more body confidence, feeling like a normal woman.

This is only part of the story, I will document my journey on social media, again not to shame or shock people, not to seek attention! But with the hope of helping anyone with breast implants that has unexplained health issues, to know they are not crazy and there is a chance to heal your body as I have seen others do.

Here is where my explant journey starts…

{ baby bottoms }

me met diaper cream

In my experience many Young Living products have more than 1 way to be used, an Essential Oil never has just 1 use, the Mineral Make-up can be used for more area’s than the one it’s labeled for, thieves cleaning product doubles as a stain removers and many more that I will be sharing on this blog!

This little gem is no exception, diaper cream is a product for babies, kids, mommies and daddies! As you know I have 2 big teenagers so I didn’t buy this for them, I have lots of seedlings products because they are amazing for all ages.

seedlings obn graphic
Seedlings diaper cream can be used as a diaper cream (duh), a concealer depending on your skintype or like I use it (and my husband) as a deodorant! Yes you read it correctly and it’s super easy too.

How to:
1. We add some essential oils to our armpit area, my fave is Petit Grain solo or a mix of Purification and Pine my husband likes Mister.
2. Take a pea size of the diaper cream, divide this amount over both armpits. I like to smoothe it out with a few fingers so each hand has a bit and then just apply it.

Some more info on the diaper cream ingredients in dutch and english:


seedlings diaper rash cream

{ Being heard and seen }

I have been experiencing some symptoms but wasn’t sure what the source was and because of my job, I like to get to the bottom of things like that. Its not like I am suffering horribly but let’s just say without my oils & supplements life would be a whole lot less fun 💁‍♀️

My doctor claimed he couldn’t medically find anything causing my symptoms, I was well within the margins and I should go to a special clinic for unexplained symptoms…

But I know there are people out there that can look a bit further, who think those margins are not acceptable, I just had search high and low for the right person for the job👌

I found a naturopath that connected the dots for me today! I was heard, acknowledged, validated and I was so relieved someone saw it 🙃

Isn’t that what we all want in life no matter what your going through, just to be heard, acknowledged and validated 🤷‍♀️

{ good advice }

I was at an event yesterday with 150 other colleague business members.
I love hearing others share their story because there’s always a lesson to learn.
But I pick that lesson, you see I do have one rule; I never take advice from someone that I wouldn’t trade places with!

{ connect more }

I’ve tried some things these past couple of years to connect more with my inner self, also an aspect of my personal development. Quite a challenge for me, I stored a lot of memories & emotions growing up to protect myself…

crave connection
There are different kinds therapies that are used for this and I’ve tried quite a few nei, journaling, soundingbowls, essential oils, meditation, AFT, Access bars consiousness, chunsoo, walk barefoot more in the grass and live more by my humandesign
Some may look or sound very WOOWOO 🤷‍♀️ but I have learned to that if I want to dig a little deeper and grow I have to keep an open mind.

Sounding bowls, walking in grass, essential oils for emotions and chunsoo are currently my faves from this list (sometimes combined). I like the way it helps me relax, release, refuel my inner QI and really feel all the emotions. What do you do to connect more with your inner child, voice, feelings?

{ dream home }

I’m dreaming of one day having an extra living room and kitchen in our home that will serve as a big office. Our business members and crossline friends could come over to work for a day, and we could host meetings and parties.

I just discovered the insta of Lilypad Cottage. Her modern farmhouse interior is like a dream. Until then I will work from our dining room table and saving all the ideas for our dream home.

lilipad 1lilipad 2
Do you pinterest your dream home?