Let’s play ball

Yep we’re definately a baseball family now…

Not only are DH & Michael totally into it, baseball lingo, rules and comps, Colin has now joined the other peanutball team and I will be helping the coach out on trainings and the competitions, believe me he needs some help as 4 new kids have recently joined besides Colin and a team of 5 year olds are a hand full ….
I just had a double shift at the club ( I have deep fried for the first time in my life and it turned out to be etible …) so I am done for the rest of the peanutball season, now all there is left is for DH and I to join a team ourselves, but I doubt that’s going to happen as we are involved quit enough thank you very much 😉
I haven’t posted in a while, we’ve been really busy with so much at home we needed a little break. I have been scrapping and I’ll share some projects later this week, oh and you can find my most recent project on the MLS designteam blog, with you. I’ll leave you with another pic that the hubs made this weekend of M, he’s got a new lens and can’t stop playing …….


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