Back to Life

You might have wondered where I’ve been well all over the place I guess mostly just enjoying my 2,5 week vacation from work. And this was the first one I really had the feeling I had some time off as usually I’m working hard for MLS and didn’t really have time to enjoy the vacation. And I still got lots done so that was great !

We went to the zoo, Delftse Hout, parties, mothersday, enjoyed time in our garden, lot’s of peanutball games, purged the attic (again but this time DH’s area), adopted some tadpoles (with thanks to Flo & Rutger) the boys are so enjoying them.

We also watched lots of DVD’s we had lying around; didn’t really enjoy Norbit, the matrix 3 or Blade 3 mixed feelings with snakes on a plane as I jumped up and moved the couch back 10 cm …. But I loved School of Rock, American Gangster, the chronicals of Riddick “yummy” (yes I’m sorry I think vin diesel is cute), 300 (wow) and xmen the last stand.

I started back to the gym again and running (very carefully) and even scrapping a little but having troubles getting things finished, starting is no problem but finishing a lo ……
Some photo’s I really like from the holiday (wow it almost looks like the summer holiday doesn’t it ?):

Right now we are preparing a party @ MLS , will give you a heads up on that over the weekend !

Did you have a good holiday ? Any movie/dvd tips ?


  1. Daffie Online

    My vacation is starting today and hopefully it will be as relaxing as yours!

    DVD tip: I recently saw the following movies
    “Happiness” and “Babel”..
    Great movies but not at all the same genre you describe in your blogpost.

    You are very brave to admit in public that you like Vin Diesel hihi!

  2. Katja

    yeahhhhh you are back!!!!!!!
    glad you had fun – but vin diesel (????) gimme johnny depp as jack sparrow any day !!!!! lol
    know what you mean about starting scrap projects being the easy bit…..i’ve got loads here too!!!!

    have a great weekend x

  3. Unknown

    Vin Diesel IS cute! 🙂 Sounds like you had the time you deserved!
    For the DVD tip. I just saw Stardust. he was very funny while we didnt expected that. Also I like all the chickflick movies, so differant categorie here :D. However 300 is also on my goodmovie list!
    Hugs Martine

  4. ~Nancy~

    Looks like you’ve had a fun fun time… those pics are awesome (and makes me wish the weather was still as good as it was back then.. hehe..) Enjoy the rest of your evening! XOXO

  5. Anonymous

    So a cool holiday it was! No dvd tips here, went to a movie, but i think i remember you’ve already seen it 27 dresses…FUN! I actually thought the main character looks a lot like Daphne!!

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